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Miss Autopsy's Morgue of Misfits

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dead

Blitzkrieg Blonde
Well, I've been seeing red and singing the blues far back as I can tell, until the daisies fall from heaven and decorate the gates of hell. You might believe the world is sweet and fine as sugar candy, but I myself believe in whatever comes in handy.

Must be kept under my surrealist hat


Von's First Law Of The Internet: "The Net is allergic to truth, reason and humour."

Von's Second Law Of The Internet: "The World Wide Web is text for people who can't read."

Von's Third Law Of The Internet: "The World Wide Web is the fastest way to get from [where you wouldn't want to be] to [where you wouldn't want to go]."

Four out of five Dancing Eldritchs agree with this logic:


The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle

What's Inside a Girl?

October 21, 1948 - February 4, 2009


Cesare, the Somnambulist

Deviant Art

Because I love the pretty boys...

Debra Friend Reynolds | Gabba Gabba Hey!

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