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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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02:23 pm: Can I offer anybody like the best drug experience they ever had?
I watched 24 Hour Party People again and I fell in love at a terrible pace...

Miss Autopsy's flashback favorite: 24 Hour Party People

Flashback to 1976: an engaging look at the effects of the punk movement on the Manchester music scene. It's shot in a mock-documentary style starring Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson based on Wilson's book, 24 Hour Party People.

Coogan plays the part with a smug magnetism; capturing Wilson's egomaniacally out of control attitude and a genuine, undeniable love for the Manchester music scene (and development thereof). The movie explores the rise and fall of Joy Division, the birth of New Order, the financial woes of the Hacienda and the birth of rave culture, as well as the twisted, drug-addled misadventures of the Happy Mondays. Difficult to discern the truth from fiction at times in Wilson's bloated, pretentious chronicles, but somewhere therein lies a bit of truth. At the very least, the film gives us insight into the mood and spirit of excess during this time in music's history.

Look for early footage of The Sex Pistols, The Jam, Siouxsie, The Stranglers...quite a few cameos, an engrossing albeit brief performance by Andy Serkis as Martin Hannett and a bit part by a pre-Shaun of the Dead Simon Pegg. I forgot to check the credits for his name, but the guy who played Pete Shelley--damn; no spoken lines and just a quick camera pass, but he was a dead ringer.

If you're into the Manchester music scene, see this movie! The film was a bit tedious at times; particularly everything beyond the fall of Joy Division lacked a natural flow. Sean Harris was brilliant as Ian Curtis. In fact, I have no complaints with any of the acting; the film had a top-notch cast. I would have loved to have seen more balance in the film; more about New Order and perhaps a little less about the Happy Mondays. If you're a Mondays fan, you'll love it...but I've never been so much, so it was a bit of a task for me to get through those portions.

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