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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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06:13 pm: Stolen from lots o' people...

Go to wikipedia and put in your birth date. Don't put in the year.
Post in your LJ with three neat facts, two births, and two deaths!

1000 - Leif Ericson discovers Vinland, becoming the first known European to set foot in North America.
1967 - A day after being caught, Che Guevara is executed for attempting to incite a revolution in Bolivia.
1989 - An official news agency in the Soviet Union reports the landing of a UFO in Voronezh.

1936 - Brian Blessed, English actor
1940 - John Lennon, British musician and songwriter (The Beatles) (d. 1980) (His son, Sean, was born the same day in 1975)

1974 - Oskar Schindler, German businessman (b. 1908)
2001 - Dagmar, American television personality (b. 1921)
(and Che Guevara, if you're counting...)


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Date:April 7th, 2006 10:46 pm (UTC)
So this means your b'day is October 9th.

Paul's b'day is June 11.
George's Feb. 25
Ringo July 7

Want to know all the Stones, also?
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