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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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05:37 pm: Cockacidal maniac at large...
Just finished watching Shaun of the Dead for the second time. I always try to support the horror genre and see movies in theaters, but sadly, I had to settle for DVD because only one theater in my area (to my knowledge) showed this film. It was an extremely limited number of showings during its run. I can say now, without hesitation, I believe that this film edges in to my top five Zombie Movies of all-time.

Miss Autopsy's Review of Shaun of the Dead:
Tagline: A romantic comedy. With zombies.
Synopsis: Bloody brilliant and frenetically funny yarn about an everyman zombie-slayer who has a bad day [ranks right up there with Ash's in Evil Dead 2 on the having-a-bad-day-scale]. Shaun woos the girl, whacks the dead and wins us over with his charming British wit and slacker enthusiasm--an oxymoron, I know, but it's there. Trust me. I'm a blonde.

The film adheres to zombie guidelines established by King of the Zombies himself, George Romero. Get a clue [And, bonus kiddies: it's rumored that Simon Pegg and co-writer, Edgar Wright, will be making an appearance in Romero's upcoming Land of the Dead. (WHOOHOOOO!!!)]

Shaun and Ed are quite the pair; each playing off the other with contemptuous charm. Some of the character dialogue was a bit forced and unnecessary, but that's actually a small complaint in the whole scheme of things. The 'love story' portion thankfully deprived us of the mush factor; exchanges between Shaun and Liz were delightfully funny at times (All right... gayyy...), but could never hold a candle to the endearing relationship between Shaun and Ed. Ed (Nick Frost) provided constant comic relief and cunningly so; without him, I can't say the movie would have had such an impact. Look for an appearance by the extraordinarily villainous Bill Nighy (a.k.a. the only redeeming factor in Underworld) as Phillip, Shaun's dad (He's not my Dad, he's my stepdad!).

Beautifully written, beautifully acted and contains many classic film moments. I'll even wager that the zombie a cappella number will pose a direct threat to the kung-fu priest, Father McGruder, in Dead Alive who 'kicks ass for the Lord' as far as classic moments in cinema go (in my book anyway). As a music lover, I so very much appreciated the scene where the dynamic duo carefully leafed through Shaun's record collection to choose which records to throw at approaching zombies. Classic. The characters managed to establish an instant affection simply acting the way any normal person would act under such circumstances...ahem, more or less.

There were quite a few nods to zombie film classics, most notably The Living Dead series, The Evil Dead Trilogy, and to a lesser extent, 28 Days Later. Aside from the obvious tributes like Ed screaming, "We're coming to get you Barbara!", Shaun's employee, "Ash," calling out sick and the incredible Evil Dead style camera work, here are a just a few items that you may miss if you're not looking:
+ Shaun works for Foree Electronics. (Ken Foree played Peter in the original Dawn of the Dead).(My DVD player's 'Zoom' feature is a bee-yoo-ti-ful thing!)
+ Shaun calls ‘Fulci's Restaurant' listed in the Yellow Pages. (Lucio Fulci, Italian Horror Director)(Again, the blessing of ZOOM!)
+ Look for Shaun's Ash-esque trampoline jump á la the S-Mart quick save in Army of Darkness when rushing back to save his mother.
+ Chris Martin, lead singer for Coldplay, is the featured artist for ZombAid.
+ The choreographed pool cue beating at the Winchester is similar to the choreographed beating sequence in A Clockwork Orange…may not have been planned that way, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
+ Shaun shushes Ed for using the 'Z' word. (Maybe not so noteworthy, but few zombie movies ever use the word 'zombie')
+ Lots of TV anchorman similarities to Night of the Living Dead and the radio dialogue overheard as Shaun passes on the way to the market is strangely similar to that in Night of the Living Dead. I'll bet some are direct lifts, but I'd have to watch Night again to make that conclusive determination…been awhile and my memory fails me sometimes (sucks to get old).
+ Keep an ear open for a little Goblin! ;-)

So boys and ghouls, I give it my highest mark:

Stop what you're doing and see this movie! Priorities, people!

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Date:March 17th, 2005 01:38 am (UTC)
Bummer David couldnt' come play with us tonight... :-/

What movies were you guys going to watch?
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