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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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07:59 pm: Stolen from teague

LJ Interests meme results

  1. birthday party:
    Birthday Party...Boys Next Door = Nick Cave; dark, brooding and DE-lish.
  2. dario argento:
    One of the best in the Italian Horror realm. I appreciate the genre for its surreal and dreamy quality. Suspiria's use of color and sound to achieve fright was new and different at the time. I suppose I never understood the overwhelming effect the movie had on its fans...I've always appreciated Argento more for the Demons series.
  3. freaks:
    I find medical oddities to be strangely fascinating; there just aren't enough good, old-fashioned sideshows in our politically correct world. Microcephaly, or to be very un-PC, 'pinheads' and conditions like bird-headed dwarfism (the Sicilian Fairy, Caroline Crachami)are probably the ones that intrigue me the most. These folks are unique and so other-worldly; strangely beautiful and just a bit unnerving.
  4. hammer films:
    Mmmmmm...I loved all the Hammer films when I was little. I used to stay up when any of the Dracula flicks were on and for the longest time I never knew that there was any other Dracula before Christopher Lee. I can still picture his steely eyes; some of the images from those films will always be burned in my brain.
  5. john zacherley:
    The Cool Ghoul; horror host extraordinaire. I had to be around four or five the first time I heard Dinner with Drac and I knew I loved this guy. Dinner with Drac and Bobby "Boris" Pickett's Monster Mash were my favorite songs when I was but a wee li'l lass, so my parents knew from an early age that I would not be like other little girls. I suppose Zach is one of the reasons I'm such a gorehound today.
  6. merry thoughts:
    I suppose those who know me best know that my favorite sound is that of a very deep, darkly sinister, heavily accented voice (English dialects are the best). The Merry Thoughts have it all: the lyrics, the voice, and the overall sound. And, I'm convinced the singer is Andrew Eldritch performing under one of his aliases. No one can sound that much like him and not BE him.
  7. quantum leap:
    Dean Stockwell, another one of my strange crushes. I have a thing for quirky, older men, what can I say? But, I think it was actually Blue Velvet that did it for me. I always like QL. I thought it was inventive and always had a good message.
  8. sex pistols:
    Meh. Typical punk staple; not my favorite punk band by any means, but still a classic.
  9. the blasters:
    Dave Alvin is one bad stud.
  10. tobe hooper:
    He brought us space vampires! He's had a hand in some of the most memorable horror films of all time (at least for me...). And, he introduced us that big, lovable teddy bear of a man, Gunnar Hansen; the one and only Leatherface.

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Date:January 28th, 2006 01:16 am (UTC)
I love Hammer Films. I still have one in my collection that is like something I'd try to hustle out of a fire if I had time, called Captain Chronos, Vampire Hunter. It's prime aged cheese
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