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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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05:24 pm: Random Update...

The squirrel is still living in my attic. I believe he's now diving into the insulation for kicks. I can hear little screams of "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOO" just before the thud. Then, the scuttling of little feet as he runs back and does it again. I also believe the squirrel is on amphetamines.

I've also determined my li'l wiener dog is insane. I came home from work the other day very tired and she was raring to play ball. She had her tennis ball gripped between her teeth and was bringing it to me. I told her I'd play with her in a bit and she kindly went away. So, next thing, I hear what sounds like a knock on the door. People typically ring my doorbell, so I sat there for a minute to see if it happened again. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not answer my door unless I'm expecting someone. I have no way of really seeing who is on the other side until I open the door and if I open it, I'm wide open to whoever is on there (being a single female, I much prefer not to open my door to strangers). It was getting dark and I wasn't expecting anyone, so I just stayed put. A few minutes later, I heard the rapping again. Each time it was three short knocks and then nothing. Five minutes pass and it happens a third time, so I figure I'm going to try to peek out the dining room window to see if I can spot who's at my door. I'm peeking out the curtain and can't see a soul at all and then I hear the knocks again. Turns out my evil wiener dog is throwing her ball off the railing from the second floor. (My house is really open and the upstairs landing overlooks the front door). She had been grabbing one of several tennis balls and taking them upstairs to push them through the rails. She would then run back downstairs to get it. I was so tired I was oblivious to the fact she had been going back and forth so much...I figured A.) she's testing her theories on gravity or B.) She's trying to determine whether or not she would bounce in a similar fashion. Thankfully, I don't think she can shimmy through the railing.


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Date:December 18th, 2005 06:03 am (UTC)
You need to borrow Oscar! She will takew care of your squirell!!
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