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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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02:43 pm: Still full. Blargh.
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. davidmcd and I went to my brother's for the big feast. All the family was there and then some. I believe there were well over thirty people in and out throughout the day. I got to see lots of family I had not seen since I was a wee li'l gore, gore girl. Afterwards, davidmcd, orcoastgal and I went to see Bauhaus. It was a great night. The show was stellar; they were spot-on with everything. It always amazes me when bands are that technically adept during a live performance. The only drawback to the night was the constant flickering of strobe lights--it gave me quite the headache and there was no escape from it. Even with my eyes closed I could see the flashing light through my lids. Quite intense, but well worth it in the end.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Day! Probably still sleeping the turkey slumber, I'll bet.

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