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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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10:24 pm: Argh.
Have I expressed of late my utter contempt, hatred and annoyance with MusticMatch? They suck beyond all comprehension. I wonder what software their developers use because I'm sure it's not their own piece of crap work.

I've been tinkering with other products, but I haven't found one that trips my trigger just yet. I like iTunes, but I hate the fact that if I download music, it's in their own special format (or am I missing something?) I have not decided on an MP3 player just yet and I'm not certain I want to go with an iPod...a later debate with the geek crowd will determine that selection...) And I don't really like the layout but I'm sure I can tinker with how my library looks. I dunno...I'm still looking for my dream player.

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