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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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12:25 pm: Ying, Yang, Yow
Kind of ambivalent today -- not quite mood-swing central, but definitely feeling the highs and lows. Fun email exchanges are keeping me smiley but realizing that in three days, the first anniversary of my Mom's death will be here has me spinning a bit. A year. Wow. Can't believe I made it through...

That gypsy blood is starting to boil in me now and I wanna hit the highway and drive until I run outta go-go juice and credit cards. I need to plan my tunes accordingly should such an event take place! Travel music! I need the William Tell Overture to launch it of course...or the Mandingo soundtrack...

Off to watch more Tales from the Crypt! Saved one of my favorite eps for a headache free moment. Fitting Punishment -- the one with Moses Gunn as the mortician. Love it! 'The bible says, 'a penny saved is a penny earned, boy...' 'But Uncle Ezra, didn't Ben Franklin say that?' Priceless.

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