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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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04:11 pm: It seems I have nothing but time lately and I feel too miserable to leave my house so I've decided to start drawing again. I want to do a portrait but I can't decide who I want to start with, therefore, I'm opening the decision up to my FL...

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This poll is closed.

Who should I start with?

Vincent Price
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Boris Karloff
Max Shreck
Glenn Strange
Rod Serling
Other in comments

EDIT: The votes lean toward Karloff and since I'm eager to get started that's who I'll go with first. Of all the choices I think it will be easiest to capture Karloff--his eyes are so distinctive it just seems like it will be less task.

This is the image I think I'm going with because it will look incredible if I ink it:

I didn't include Bela Lugosi but I found a beautiful picture of him I'll work with later:

RE-EDIT: Looks like Vincent Price took the prize in the end. Since I didn't start on Karloff yet I may make the switch to Price.

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