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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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01:55 am: Insomnia in check...
so I just took Ambien to sedate me. Anyhoo, I was flipping though a magazine a few minutes ago and came across an article on Simon Baker's new television show The Mentalist. I haven't watched the show; in fact, I don't watch much television at all nowadays. Anyway, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0048932/ is a strikingly handsome fella with talent to boot and I've expected great things out of him ever since I saw him in L.A. Confidential. He's had several failed shows including a failed movie Land of the Dead. I hope he finally catches a break.

Another Actor I had great expectations for is Sean Patrick Flannery. He has done lots of movies over the years--pretty bad b-movies. I just had him pegged as an incredible actor and now he's doing made for television movies on Sci-Fi.

Martha Plimpton is another decent actor. I do however see her from time to time playing junkie crack-whores. Ah, but we can reminisce about her snarky attitude from the Goones.

I figured these people would be shining the brightest for awhile, but shows what I know.

Anyone wish to contribute to the list of actors who genuinely make an impact as wonderful actors, but are still reaching for the stars?

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