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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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05:14 pm: Yummy, yummy sugar mummy...
It's true, I have an addiction to Black Cherry Kool-aid; I'd run the stuff through an I.V. if necessary. I tried using Splenda and I tried the pre-mixed singles with artificial sweetener so to reduce the high sugar and calorie intake; every concoction tastes weird and wrong or sends me off to migraine hell from the evil artificial sweetener pixies! Everyone and their brother says drink diet soft drinks for a few days and you won't know the difference. Like hell I won't! I just can't get used to the taste.

I adamantly refuse to give up sugar. Nope, not gonna do it, you can't make me. It's my only vice.
Thank you and good night.



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Date:September 23rd, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
At least sugar is real, I am very sketchy on artificial sweeteners and they all taste horrible.
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Date:September 23rd, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
You don't have to give me up, I'll always be around. ;)
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Date:September 24th, 2008 02:41 am (UTC)
I'm with you all the way here! Artificial sweetener IMHO is da debbil.
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Date:September 26th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
I live on diet soda. You really do get used to it after a week.

If you want to get really crazy, go to the ethnic section of the grocery store for the sodas that are sweetened with real sugar instead of HFCS.
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