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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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07:14 pm: Stolen from digitaldevil
* Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done.
* If anybody responds with "I've done that," add another thing.
* Encourage your friends to paste this into their own journal to list the unique things they've done.

1. Got hit on by two lead singers and one guitarist of (then) famous heavy metal bands. Once while my (ex) husband stood by I was invited on a tour bus for drinks with the singer. Ahem. [Had I not been married and was a total slut, I may have gone since I loved this guy's music so much growing up]
2. Attended a private party with Bruce Campbell, David Prowse and Kane Hodder. I was only fifteen and Darth Vader hit on me.
3. Was christened Debra Nirvana by Jason (Kane Hodder) from the Friday the 13th movies.
These are just for good measure:
4. Just for good measure, I boinged one of Weird Al's famous curls with his express permission.
5. I gave Lux Interior a mini big head Creature from the Black Lagoon that I made up with a pompadour as well as the red body suited Frankenstein symboling Lux's obsession with the Uni classics.

6. An actor from Star Trek DS9 (Ferengi) proposed to me at MOC. Again, I was only fifteen and he thought he was in love with me.

Have fun y'all!

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