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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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09:48 pm: Odds and ends for the weekend...

- I have to see this even though it will probably be incredibly bad. Jason Lee is friggin' hilarious.

- I drove by a church billboard on my way to work that read, "Enjoy summer, expose yourself to the Son." Mmmmhmmm...I see a pulpit full of penis wagglers; just doing what the sign said!

- I had a dream over the weekend where a girl saved an elevator full of people from careening to their fiery death by going all girl power MacGyvery; she acted quickly on a high tension wire, she dropped and hung by here knees when she made a makeshift slingshot out of her panties and shot a baseball into the cables in order somehow keep it from falling. Yuh-huh. Don't know where that baseball came from either. Afterwards, new crews were interviewing the hero peppering her with questions, to which she aptly responded flashing her pearly white smile, "What can I say? I'm a gymnast!" Yeah, no wonder I haven't slept all week!!

- In other news, my Mom loves me! She fixed me a care package! If you ever wanted to know what 31 packets of Grape and Black Cherry heaven looks like:

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