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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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02:44 pm: Oh you silly thing, you've really gone and done it now...
I just got my latest issue of EW and was reading the Listen 2 This supplemental. There is a section called 'Twelve CDS You've Got to Get By Any Means Necessary--Right Now!' Each week, different musicians, actors, etc. list their twelve cd 'must-haves.' Steve Jones is the guest writer this week. Nothing special about his music selection really; it was the corresponding photograph that stopped me dead in my tracks. Oh how I wish my scanner was working...I tried to track down the pic on the web, but it hasn't made it to EW's webpage just yet. All in good time, my pretties...all in good time.

Before I continue, here's a link to my previous post on Mr. Jones Huh?

Of course, this post and subsequent timeline in no reflects on his talent (one would hope); his guitar just sticks out a bit further than it used to...

Now, without further adieu...I present: Steve Jones, a Brief History in Crime...

Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: Sex Pistols: Silly Thing
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