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Blitzkrieg Blonde

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02:50 am:

What an insane day. I was up and down all Friday night and the early hours of Saturday. At 6am I was taking migraine meds because I was about to be hit by a ten ton heavy thing. My older brother (who just turned 38 in March) graduated from college with honors today. He's worked a very long time for this day and I'm so very proud of him. There was no way I was going to let a migraine stop me from being at the graduation ceremony so I doped up with pain and nausea meds, rested for 45 minutes and got myself ready and out the door in record time.

The ceremony was nice enough; it was held in a huge auditorium. My bro had warned that due to the large number of people graduating, that seats were very limited. I was really shocked at the size of the place on campus--I was expecting a small auditorium with a stage, but this was like gymnasium-sized building.

Mom, Dad, my Grandmother, my Dad's sister Lea, my brother's wife, Tina and her father and step-mother were there. My younger brother managed to get off work and made every attempt to be there at 3pm before they closed the auditorium doors--he was 15 minutes late getting there and was instructed that the doors would be closed at 3--he was afraid it may cause disruption, so he and his wife waited outside until the storms set in...they then decided to regroup at his house for the after-graduation party, which was actually a roast of my big brother.

Here's the kicker--we were rushing back to Mom's house because she was very tired and had to get pain meds and a few other things she needed to take care of before going to my brother's place for the festivities. Arriving at her house, she had four messages left from Atkins Alarm Company advising that my house alarm had been tripped three times and police were dispatched to check the area since I wasn't home. I called the Alarm Company and they informed me that they dispatched the police due to no response. They did this on three occasions. Evidently, the alarm was tripped, cop checked the house, found nothing and the alarm reset itself. This happened THREE TIMES!!! So, I had three orange notices on my front door from the cops stating what happed and what they did. Which inspires the question, 'Gee Debra, I thought you were staying with your family since Mother's Days Sunday.'

My answer, "Why yes, I did plan to stay with my Mom and Dad tonight and spend a wonderful Mother's Day with my Mom. Yeah, not so much. I called Atkins where phone operator lady very kindly informed me (I'm not being sarcastic, promise)that she could not disable the alarm off-site and that it had to be done on-site. I kindly explained back to the lovely woman that I was two hours away and did not know if my alarm was still going off or if there is some kind of auto-shut-off after so many minutes The kindly phone Operator Lady told me she had no clue about auto-shutoffs and asked me if my neighbor had complained, to which I replied NO, my neighbor is in Woodstock, GA and I am currently visiting my family...oh, enough or that, I ended up driving back home and I was feeling so depressed that I could be at my brother's big celebration event. Tempers flared around here because I could not get a decent answer from the Alarm Company or the City of Woodstock Police Department.

Oh well, there was a happy ending (well, for me moreso than my brother). So I could spend the night and spend Mother's Day with Mom, she wanted to go with me to check the house. We had to skip my brother's shendig (which I tried to encourage Mom to go and be there for Edward. I could tell she already wasn't feeling good and certainly didn't want to be around a lot of loud--especially from all my brother's in laws. So, being the wonderful Mom that she is, wanted to ride with me to Woodstock, tired and achey or not, she was determined that she would be in the car with me and that my Dad and Lea could go on to the soiree.

So, we drove merrily along, then merrily along in torrential downpours and eventually we made it to my house. I saw my neighbors standing at their garage and they were making a beeline to my driveway. We were approached by the kindly elderly gentleman named Julian, his daughter, a very lovely woman named Lucy; they wanted to let me know about the alarms and to make sure everything was okay with me and my animals. I introduced myself to the lady, I had previously met her father. I apologized for the disruptions throughout the day explaining that I turned the motion sensor off and only broken windows or doors would trip my system.

Anway, Mr. Julian, a very sweet man, told me the officers removed two planks from my fence to they could get into the yard. They found nothing. They left leaving two or three notices on my front door amd took off. Mr. Julian said the he took the boards and replaced them for me on my fence because he didn't want my little dogs to get out. That was such a nice thing to do and it really made my day that some people still do have compassion and respect for their fellow travelers in life.

After Mom and I left the house, we ate dinner at a lovely Italian place with lousy service. The best part of the whole day (aside from BeBo graduating) was spending quality time with my Mom. We talked and goofed off and it was all just so wonderful.

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